Why travelling is essential ?

July 13, 2018


What is it about travelling new places, surrounding yourself with unknown and then exploring the treasures just to get amazed by the beauty of nature and this creative world. People have different reasons to travel. Some would backpack their way across a continent for self-discovery and for personal growth, while others hit the road to experience life through a whole new perspective. Therefore, the reasons why people love to travel are varied and  very personal.


Let's explore some of the reasons why people love to travel.



Challenges Oneself



It might seem exciting to travel, travel is not just a leisure activity but it puts you in a lot of unfamiliar situations and push you hard to be out of your comfort zone. Well, We all know that life is about overcoming challenges so its our duty to analyse the situation and keep moving forward. These situation not only test your patience and presence of mind but also how you respond to such instances. 


You will be amazed to know your abilities in unrecognized situations. It will bring out the resourceful person within you when you're in new place with unfamiliar languages and unknown humans.


For instance a simple task of ordering a meal in a local restaurant seems so difficult when in a new country with a menu on which you hardly understand the language, makes simple things complicated.



Makes you feel small





Gazing at those huge structures could be a little overwhelming. The giant mountains standing firmly on the ground and tearing those clouds apart or look at those red wood tress which have endless roots and its hard to see their tip as they stand so tall or stare at that deep vast mysterious ocean which blends in with the skies far from horizon.


And if the nature has surprised you enough you can always turn your table to magnificent man-made

structures like the tallest building Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Empire State Building in New York, Will's Tower in Chicago and many more. These structures are so huge which will definitely make you feel so small in the world.



Gain Knowledge




As you travel places you learn about new people their culture, customs and languages. You learn to respect their style of living and view life from their perspective. People gain new experiences and fill them with new skills and knowledge.


They will discover various ways of doing same task. This is something you have practical experience so it will stay with you forever.




Personal Growth



Interactions with varied person of different traditions, culture, cast, background would give you a culture shock and it will make you appreciate your own deep rooted values. It will develop you as a humble person.


On your journey you learn to embrace yourself, being present in the moment. you will be surprised to see yourself growing in a new environment, making a bunch of friends all over the globe and sometimes the friendship might last forever.



Stress buster




After stressful busy working months ,taking a week long vacation at your favourite destination is a great way to release stress out . Well, you don't need to take vacation for  months which will probably disturb your work schedule, but trip for a week or for few days would be enough.


The trip not only rejuvenates your body but fills your soul with fresh and positive vibes. the adrenaline rush in your body will boost you to work hard with enthusiasm and full dedication so that you could take another trip soon.





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