16 Beautiful Travel Related Words

July 31, 2018


"Last month,  I went to Cancun, Mexico. It is one of the best trips I had. Being somewhere so beautiful and friends around, "Gosh" the best feeling ever. I mean literally "The Best" I can't even explain."


Ever felt short for words while describing your experience travelling ? Ever felt that you have a lot to say but your emotions or feelings cannot be expressed in words ? Well, I am sure certainly happens to everybody. But not anymore.


Here, I have collected 16 beautiful travel related words which will strike you right at the right time. And you will no longer hesitate to open up your feelings into the world.



1. Resfeber


Origin – Swedish

Definition: The nervous feeling you get before a journey.




2. Novaturient

Origin – Latin

Definition: A desire to alter your life; The feeling that pushes you to travel.




3. Fernweh

Origin – German

Definition: Feeling homesick for a place you've never been.



4. Dérive


Origin- French

Definition: A spontaneous journey where the traveler lets the spirit of the landscape and architecture move them.



5. Trouvaille


Origin- French

Definition: Something lovely discovered by chance.



6. Numinous


Origin- Latin

Definition: The powerful, personal feeling of being overwhelmed and inspired.



7. Strumfrei


Origin- German

Definition: The freedom of being alone and being able to do what you want to do.



8. Eleutheromania


Origin- Greek

Definition: The intense desire for freedom.



9. Eudaimania


Origin- Greek

Definition: The contented happy state we feel when we travel.



10. Hygge

Origin- Danish

Definition: The cozy feeling of relaxing with friends while having a meal or drinks.



11. Hodophile

Origin- Greek

Definition: Lover of roads; one who loves road journey.


12. Gadabout

Origin- German

Definition: A habitual pleasure-seeker.


13. Querencia


Origin- Spanish

Definition: A place where one feels at home; a place where one feels safe.



14. Peregrinate


Origin- Middle English

Definition: Travel or wander from place to place.




15. Vagary


Origin- Latin

Definition: A wandering or roaming journey.


16. Solivagant


Origin- Latin

Definition: Wandering alone





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