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8 Best Travel Related Books

It is said that "Books are man's best friend" well, during my long journeys this sentence has proved its existence. Last month, I took a flight which was 9 hours long which made me wonder the best soucre of entertainment in flights.

Luckily, I had packed my current favourite book "The Motorcycle Diaries by Harper Perennial" in my carry-on hand bag.

I quickly grabbed it and started reading. I was so engaged with this book that I didn't even realised how my long journey ended.

I generally read travel related books which gives me new ideas, inspiration for my future travel. Here is the list of few of my favourite books you must read:

8 Best Travel Books (2018)

1. The Motorcycle Diaries by Harper Perennial

2. Lonely Planet India (Travel Guide)by Lonely Planet

3.The Little Book of Hygge (Penguin Life)by Penguin UK

4.Hampi: 99 Tips For Tourists & Backpackers

5. The Land of Flying Lamas & Other Real Travel Stories From the Indian Himalaya: 1by Tranquebar

6. Destinations of a Lifetime (National Geographic) by National Geographic

7.Best of Europe 1 (Travel Guide)by Lonely Planet

8. Born to Run: The hidden tribe, the ultra-runners, and the greatest race the world has never seenby Profile Books Ltd

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