Basic Technical Travel Gears

August 31, 2018



For a travel blogger and travel vlogger, its main task is to capture the beauty of the place, its unique culture, cuisine, people, and its language, but this can become possible only when the travel journey compliments with high quality technical travel friendly gears.


Here is the list of few Basic Technical Travel Gears which makes your journey more memorable one.






Smart Phone


The most basic technical gear which a person carries is the Smart Phone. Sometimes a good quaity smart phone is all you need to get that perfect shot. The phones are so comfortable to grab from your pocket , click that shot and put it back in there. It hardly take few minutes to do that.


As a Travel Blogger or Vlogger you will be in places where sometimes  you might not feel comfortable to put your camera out and in that cases the phone gonna be your best gear to click pictures.






Video blog (Vlog ) Camera


Starting to video blog (vlog) takes more than just the built-in camera on your laptop. Sure, any basic built-in or standalone webcam will do the trick, but if you want production quality that’ll get noticed, you’ll need to invest in a standalone camera that can keep up with your content.






Being a traveller, the photographs speaks your journey to the entire world. A camera captures the culture, cuisine, feelings of people. The captured photographs serves as memories for you,so it better be a good one. For a photo to look like it's taken by a professional you need a high quality camera. Good quality photographs are highly appreciated by professionals. You need to have few tips and tricks to showcase your photography skills.







Gorilla Tripod


For professional looking shots you need to have a gorilla tripod. A regular tripod is sometimes chaotic to carry  whereas these gorilla tripod are super flexible can hang where ever you want to and they are easy to carry it around.





Storage Devices



While travelling and taking photographs and making videos you tend to full memory super quickly. you need to have good amount of storage devices to continue your work without any trouble. Sd cards and hard drives works the best. I suggest carry atleast 2 Sd cards with good amount of storage and don't forget to carry a hard drive.




Battery Bank


Also, invest in a high-quality portable charger for those long journeys or for areas where you might have problems getting power availability. This is very important for making sure that, you don't run out of batteries while on trips where charging plug is not easily accessible.




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