Top 8 Destinations for Solo Travellers

September 18, 2018


Solo Travelling seems like a daunting task at first, once you got the hang of it, you are going to fall in love with it. From selecting the places you want to visit, to choosing the type of food you want to have, rationally or irrationally  the decision is all yours and it feels good to make a decision which enhances your confidence levels in foreign surroundings.


Here, is the list of few countries which are very travel friendly and easy to explore as a solo traveller.









Located in the oceania region, this country is perfect for travelers throughout the year. Australia provides varied activities for all travelers from sandy deserts to wavy beaches all is available under one roof and even the urban city has got its own taste.









New Zealand is for travel enthusiast totally an adventurous place to be for solos and group traveler as well. This island nation comes as a full package be it zip lining, zorbing , sky diving and many more. Trip to New Zealand will pump up your adreline rush to get the most of your trip.









Canada is known for its winter, you’ll find whole Canada indulged into the winter activities. Well, apart from winters the nation has other tourist things to enjoy or just sit back in the lap of mother nature.The variety of people you’ll meet. Yes!! I’m talking about the multiculturalism of this huge country. People here are very generous.









The hustle bustle of the city nobody has time to step back and listen to their heart’s voice. Well travellers are a little different they enjoy the vibe of the city or else just engage yourself in their local culture.










Although a little expensive to pockets but worth visiting especially for solo travelers like me. Hostels are the perfect spot to find new acquaintances from parks to monuments, one finds everything to spend the day perfectly.






Thailand is made for backpackers whether travelling solo or in a group you gonna fall in love with this country and find friends for life. From spiritual temples to relaxing beaches ,this country serves everybody with everything. 







 An island city nation is a perfect example of multiculturalism .With tropical climate one can visit this place anytime throughout the year. A special tip, when surrounded by multicultural society, the best way to explore is to feast your taste buds with street food and enjoy the offerings of the nation.







A long narrow stretched nation located in South America just got brownie points for its beautiful landscape. From the driest desert on earth to the glacier fields, parched dunes, volcanoes, forest everything got covered in the belly of the country. A must visit place!!



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